Mr Samoon Rassiwala (founder).

A Civil Engineer by qualification, he has an extensive experience of 47 years. He spent the initial 10 years of his career in an architecture firm, followed by founding S&A.

His expertise lies in industrial design, master planning, restoration of heritage structures, large-scale redevelopment and liaising.

Few of his significant and colossal projects include master planning and end-to-end project managing construction of textile mills and chemical plants. He also played an important role in the early stages of planning the Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment Project.

He plays an active part in numerous community projects such as the construction of mosques as well as the redevelopment of existing ones keeping the essence intact along with giving it a renewed character.

Working with integrity at S&A flows from Mr Rassiwala. It is of utmost importance to him to be counted as being hundred percent trustworthy and accountable by his clients. His thoughts, actions and decisions are driven by this principle at all the time. He values his relationships and gives importance to each touch points. He is unpretentious and consciously retains humility in his approach to making individuals at ease during his interactions.

He is an altruist and believes in benefiting people around him, and not promulgate. At an overall level, he is involved in various philanthropy projects and looks forward to opportunities to uplift his community. He also plays an important role in the Lions Club, at the district level.

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