Company Strategy

Purpose : To give sustainable and profitable solutions to our customers.
The purpose of S&A's existence begins with the passion for architecture and design. With it we create infrastructure solutions for the community, including customers and society as a whole, in a profitable and sustainable manner, to generate opportunities and success for everyone involved.

Vision : To be the sought after real estate integrated solutions provider.
Over a period, S&A has built the essential knowledge, expertise and associations to consult the clients in all the areas related to the construction of brick and mortar infrastructure of varied size and nature. It is our vision to provide end-to-end holistic solutions to eliminate the need for involvement of multiple parties, avoiding any scope of misinterpretation, multi-instructions and miscommunication. Thereby enhancing the conceptual understanding on the given project, translating to comprehensive delivery for the customer.

Mission : To serve our customers exceptionally through living our values, and providing innovative technological solutions.
Exceeding customer expectations, not once but always, is a prerequisite at S&A. Taking one step further, we have charted the means to achieve this mission persistently, i.e. our values (featured ahead) and technology. Every member of S&A is sensitised on the values that will guide them throughout their experiences and interactions, influencing their actions and decisions in the interest of all the stakeholders for the purpose of the larger benefit. At the same time, continuously upgrading oneself with the latest technology ensures competitiveness and above the edge solutions.

Goals : Geographical expansion within India and beyond, in the field of architecture and interior designing.
With India witnessing enormous growth, and with corporations exploring setting their base in the different parts of the country, S&A senses the dire need of development of infrastructure in Tier 2, 3 and related cities. This is the goal for the near future along with the present focus in Mumbai. The path towards the vision begins here!