Mr Adnan Rassiwala (founder).

Adnan is the independent creative mind behind the design house 'Studio A', formed on 1st April 1996. Unlike his father, Mr. Samoon Rassiwala, Adnan is more inclined towards the creative side of the business. Being a professional interior designer, he comes with an experience of more than one and a half decade in the field of designing and construction. His expertise lies both in commercial as well as residential projects.

One can easily assume that design and construction run in Adnan's blood. It is the early exposure during his childhood days, that created curiosity and inspired him towards drawing, ideas, and pictures. It was an obvious and an acknowledged decision for him to take up this field later in his life as a career.

Adnan is forthright and jovial; this quality makes him deal with demanding situations in a calm and composed manner. Another aspect of his personality which befits him beautifully and flawlessly is the ability to strike a balance. This is applicable when it comes to all kinds, and levels of human interactions with colleagues and clients. He is explicit in his expectations, and at the same time humane in his approach.

Similarly, on architecture and design he ensures a balance between the aesthetic expectation and the practical necessity to come closer to the business reality of a plan. At the same time, he has an eye for detail which helps him in comprehending and appreciating nuances involved in a project.

According to Adnan, the client is where things begin and end in any venture. He gives due diligence to their requirement and understands dreams of individuals, and brand uniqueness of corporations, to do justice with the task at hand. He is a visionary and aims to take Samoon & Associates at the next level.

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